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Governance and Structure


The Senate of the University of Prince Edward Island is constituted as follows:

Ex Officio

  • Alaa Abd-El-Aziz, BSc, MSc, PhD, President
  • Christian Lacroix, BSc, MSc, PhD, Vice-President Academic
  • Jackie Podger, BA, MA, MIR, CMA, Vice-President Administration and Finance
  • Robert Gilmour, AB, PhD, Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies
  • Kathleen Kielly, BA, Registrar
  • Neb Kujundzic, BA, MA, PhD, Dean of Arts
  • Deborah MacLellan, BSc, MSc, PhD, Dean of Science
  • Ron MacDonald, BSc, BEd, MEd, PhD, Dean of Education
  • Juergen Krause, MSc, PhD, Dean of Business Administration
  • Dan Hurnik, DVM, MSc, Interim Dean of Veterinary Medicine
  • Rosemary Herbert, BN, MN, PhD, Dean of Nursing
  • Patricia MacAulay, BBA, MA, Director, Office of Skills Development & Learning
  • Mark Leggott, BSc, MSc, MLIS, University Librarian
  • Lucas MacArthur, President of Student Union

Alumni Representative

  • Colleen Parker (July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2017)

Board Representative

  • to be filled


  • Margaret Doyle (MAPUS)
  • Travis Gordon
  • Amanda Johnston
  • Laura Wisener
  • Luke Poirier
  • to be selected in Sept, 2014 as per Student Union

Elected by the Teaching Faculty

Term expires 30 June 2015

  • David Buck, BA, MPA, Dphil – Classics
  • Gary Conboy, BSc, DVM, PhD – Pathology & Microbiology
  • Kathy Gottschall-Pass, BSc, PhD – Applied Human Sciences
  • Richard Lemm, BA, MA, PhD – English
  • *Lisa Chilton, BA, MA PhD – History, replacing Jane Magrath, BA, MA, PhD – English (Leave of Absence)
  • *Sophie St-Hillaire, BSc, MSCA, PhD, Health Management, replacing Laurie McDuffee, BSc, DVM, PhD – Health Management (Sabbatical)
  • * Benet Davetian, BA, MA, PhD, Sociology/Anthropology, replacing Jean Mitchell, BA, MA, PhD – Anthropology (Faculty at Large) (Sabbatical)
  • Cathy Ryan, BSc, MA, PhD – Psychology
  • Marva Sweeney-Nixon, BSc, MSc, PhD – Biology
  • Sheldon Opps, BSc, MSc, PhD - Physics

Term expires 30 June 2016

  • Ann Braithwaite, BA, MA, PhD – Diversity & Social Justice Studies
  • Barb Campbell, RN, BN, MN, PhD – Nursing
  • Susan Graham, BBA, MBA, MPA, EdD – Business
  • Sandra McConkey, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVP - Biomedical Sciences
  • to be filled - Education (Replacement for Ron MacDonald to June 30, 2015) 

Term expires 30 June 2017

  • Greg Irvine, BMus, MMUS, DM – Music
  • Sharon Myers, BA, MA, PhD – History
  • Jim Sentence, BA, MA, PhD – Economics
  • Rabin Bissesseur, BSc, MSc, PhD – Chemistry
  • Amy MacFarlane, BBA, CA – Business (Faculty At Large)
  • Jason Doiron, BA Hons, PhD, Psychology (Faculty At Large)
  • to be filled – to replace Leeanne Pack (Companion Animals) 

Senate meeting minutes can be found on the Publications page